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Mold Services USA is a full service provider of professional mold inspections (sometimes referred to as mold surveys or mold assessments), mold testing, mold remediation (including containment of contaminated areas), and air duct cleaning— our primary objective is your air quality restoration.  We are certified to perform mold inspections, mold testing, mold remediation, and air duct cleaning; we are committed to adhering to recommended procedures for materials moisture measurements, mold sampling, and mold removal.  Mold testing is accomplished by an accredited laboratory and test results are explained to your satisfaction.

David Snell, owner of Mold Services USA is a Certified Residential Mold Inspector, Certified Commercial Mold Inspector, Certified Mold Remediation Expert for Residential Mold and Certified Mold Remediation Expert for Commercial.

David is a member of the Indoor Environment Standards Organization [IESO], the American Indoor Air Quality Council [AmIAQ], and the Indoor Air Quality Association [IAQA].  Additionally, he has credentials as an Indoor Environmental Specialist with advanced training in Oxidation Technology (residential and commercial applications).

Image: Certified Mold Inspector, on a stepladder, taking non-invasive moisture measurements of wall materials (using a hand-held device that utilizes radio waves).
Taking Non-Invasive Moisture Measurements of Wall Materials




Health and Home

Your family’s good health and your home are two of the most important investments you will ever make!  Yet, structural defects can promote the growth of potentially dangerous molds that affect both of these valuable assets--

Molds that grow in your indoor environment present a potential health risk to you and your family.  The inhalation of fungal spores can prompt allergic responses from your body.  Toxic molds, which include those commonly called "black mold", can produce allergens and irritants as well as mycotoxins that can cause serious harm to infants, adults, and the elderly.

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Mold Services USA Will Help You Protect Your Health and Your Home From Mold

Symptoms include:

· headaches · flu-like symptoms · nose bleeds · hair loss · chronic fatigue · diarrhea · sore throats · dermatitis· "burning" eyes · blurred vision · respiratory illness · chest pains · chest tightness · shortness of breath · wheezing · dry cough · nasal congestion · aggravated asthma · cognitive disorder · immune system suppression · psychological depression · pulmonary hemorrhages.

If allowed to propagate, molds can completely destroy the value of your investment.  Whether it is your personal residence or an investment property, it pays to be informed as to the presence of mold.  Mold problems need to be addressed quickly and professionally to avoid extensive destruction of property and the depletion of your savings.  Mold Services USA locates the offending colonization and terminates the mold's consumption of organic materials.  We can also offer advice on proven preventive maintenance measures designed to discourage the growth of mold.

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